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Hot Water Heaters

Water heating is the second-highest home energy cost for most household. Natural gas water heaters generally heat water faster and cost much less to operate. Water is stored in an insulated tank where it is heated and distributed according to temperature setting and requirement. By selecting an energy efficient Hot water heater, we can reduce our energy bills. There are four types of gas water heaters.

Conventional water vent into a chimney, often along with a natural draft furnace. An approve chimney liner is usually required if they need to install without a conventional furnace.

(a) Power-vented: Power vented gas water heaters use a fan to exhaust flue gases outdoors. They are efficient and work through an approved safe venting system. However, an electric supply must be available near the power-vented gas water heater for venting and ignition purposes.

(b) Direct-vented: As the name indicates, they use outside air for combustion and exhaust flue gases outdoors without using a fan.

This type of water heaters instantly heats water without storing it. Serious problems can occur due to Lime buildup from hard water. Therefore a water softener is needed. Vacation homes were the ideal place of their use but their high capacity range is being introduced for bigger homes.

They are the combination of both water heating and space heating functions into one appliance. Most integrated water heaters provide large amounts of hot water and feature sealed combustion.

Conventional electric water heaters use an electric element (heater), placed inside the water tank. They consume a big amount of electric energy. Their demand has been the places, where the availability of natural gas was a problem. At present, they are being replaced to gas water heaters subject to having natural gas available.